500 Daily Free Spins Bonus Starting July 4th at CasinoClub

Casino ClubSometimes it’s nice to get something for nothing. Well it’s not exactly nothing here. We appreciate the loyalty of our members. That’s why we’re continuing to treat you to free spins throughout the month of July.

In fact, starting July 4th, you’ll get daily free spins, totalling 500 on a huge range of our most-beloved games.

As always, CasinoClubs is also giving you the chance to earn extra free spins with the Minimum Game Rounds promotion. Just log in and play 100 rounds of the featured slot, every Tuesday and Saturday, and you’ll be rewarded with 70 free spins, for a total of 560 extra free spins in July.

Just log in to the CasinoClub software, click that day’s game, and enjoy the thrill of winning cash prizes without wagering a thing!