Casino Bonus Magic gives way to Fight Club

The surprise casino bonuses of Bonus Magic are giving away to a weekly romp in the ring at All Jackpots Casino. Every week for 9 weeks, two slot games go head to head. Players have to play their favourite to victory. The game played more, as shown on an interactive leaderboard, wins its players double prizes. 120 prizes in total, $400 top prize – that’s money worth fighting for.

Every round, 120 prizes will be given out to players who qualified by wagering 100 credits or more on one of the two games featured that week. The top ten players on either game will receive casino bonus prizes, while 50 runners up on each game will receive 20 free spins each.

To be eligible for a particular week’s Fight Club prizes, you must deposit and wager 100 credits or more on one of the games featured during that promotional week.

Fight Club will go on for nine weekly rounds. Each round will feature two different games against each other.