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Deposit using the casino bonus code for the pet that hits your button: 888DOGS or 888CATS

Deposit $49 or less and you will get $10 + 1 raffle ticket
Deposit $50 to $99 and you will get $25 + 2 raffle tickets
Deposit $100 or more and you will get $55 + 3 raffle tickets

You can use these codes up to 15 times combined, in any combinations (15 votes for dogs or 10-5 if you love them both!), which means you could get up to $825 and 46 raffle tickets.

The winning pet will be announced on 21.03.2013 and everyone who chose it will be entered in the raffle!

3 winners will win the ultimate pack, which includes a Samsung LED 32” Widescreen HDTV & blu-ray player, plus “Cats and Dogs” 1 & 2! And 50 winners will get an instant Pet$ Pay Day and win an additional $30 bonus – FREE!