Online Joker Wild Video Poker 101 Strategy

  Joker Wild is a form of video poker you will find in land casinos or internet  online casinos. In this article, we are going to talk about video poker 101 strategy after we explain the game a bit.Video poker games tender various bonuses, payout, and games. This means, when betting poker, you need to know the rules as well as the information on the special features, so you will have a better time gambling.

In Joker Wild, as it says, the joker is the wild card. There is one joker in the deck, and the joker doesn’t constantly show up in your hand. You also have to know the lowest hand that will pay out be successfull in this game. There are two forms of Joker Wild. One game asks for jacks or better, and the other says, you must have king or ace better for the hand. Basically, if you have anything less than two jacks you will lose that round. In  Wild you are delt a variation of five card draw. Five card draw means, you get five cards, and then draw a second time. The quantity  cards you draw the second time is dependent on the first five cards you have been delt first.

For instance: If you have an ace, king, queen, jack and five you would want to replace one card. The reason you would want to replace one card is that you might have five cards for a flush or royal flush. For our purposes, we are going to say a royal flush is in the works. If you delt in the one card for the joker or the ten, you will win for the max jackpot. If you don’t get the card you need, there are other options. You could draw a jack or better and get the pair. That will give you a payout. So in your Joker Wild strategy, the cards you get in the first draw are going to decide what you need to try for in the next draw. You can fold, but that is really the same thing as playing it through and losing the bet so you might as well try and be successful in this game. You shouldn’t spend more time trying to figure out a winning strategy that offers 100 percent. 

 Other things you should consider in your strategy are that the game is random, so there is no pattern. If you

are observing a pattern to the game, get your money out and report it to the casino. When a pattern exists you are usually going to win a little, lose a little, and eventually you will lose it all. You will never reach the jackpot in this kind of situation. Joker wild can be a progressive jackpot game in some casinos or online. It just depends on where you decide to play. Keep these ideas in mind when you play the game.