PokerStars Unveiled Their VIP Bonus Program For 2010

PokerStars possesses what many specialists believe to be the best VIP casino bonuses program in the online poker industry.
At present, there are various layers of the VIP USA casino bonuses program. Each month, gamblers try to earn enough points to move up the layers, which begin with Bronze Star. It then proceeds to Silver, Gold, and Platinum Star ranks. It is hard to reach the top rank each month, so PokerStars is modifying.

Originating in the new year, PokerStars will be granting more bonus points with each championship or hand of poker that is played by their customers. The idea is to help the patrons reach the top levels of the VIP program simpler.

The old crosscut to go from the Bronze Star, to the Silver Star, was 1200. In 2010, that number of VIP gamblers Points will only be 750 to obtain the new level. In addition to the VIP points, a player can also earn Frequent gamblers Points faster in the new year.

The target for most gamblers will be to get into the Silver Star layer. That is where multiplier factors come into effect, permitting gamblers to move up to the higher VIP levels much faster than jumping from the first to the second layer.

PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker are considered to be the two top ranking online poker sites in the world. The rivalry has intensified at a rapid step in the past year, resulting in many of the existing sites to revise their VIP agendas.