Red Riding Hood bonuses at Win palace Casino

Strap on your red cloak and put the hood up, ‎because it’s time to go out. But this isn’t a trip to ‎grandma’s house. It’s time to set out to Win Palace Casino ‎instead. And there’s no need to fret, there’ll be no ‎big bad wolf waiting for you, just big bold ‎Win Palace Casino Bonus Codes!‎

Slots Bonus Codes:
Deposit any amount and get 191% bonus. Use code: HOOD1
Deposit: $100 or more and get 230% bonus. Use code: HOOD2
Deposit $200 or more ‎and get 274% bonus. Use code: HOOD3
Deposit $300 or more ‎and get 310% bonus. Use code: HOOD4
Deposit $650 or more and get 370% bonus. Use code: HOOD5

Table Games Bonus Codes:
Deposit any amount and get 110% bonus. Use code: BETS1
Deposit: $100 or more and get 152% bonus. Use code: BETS2
Deposit: $200 or more and get 200% bonus. Use code: BETS3
Deposit $350 or more ‎and get 240% bonus. Use code: BETS4

Codes are redeemable 40 times and will be valid until June 23th.

Win Palace casino:
Win Palace gives players the opportunity to enjoy all of the luxury and exclusivity of playing in a first class casino. Powered by Real Time Gaming casinos Software, Win Palace sets the standard for the new generation of online casinos. The look and feel of this casino offers dazzling graphics and realistic sound which has players attention. Win Palace offers a $1000 welcome bonus and over 130 casino games.